Biocatalytic Microbiome


Carbiotix Therapeutics is the therapeutics development arm of Carbiotix (, an award-winning personalized nutrition company focused on gut health solutions based on cost-effective microbiome testing and personalized soluble fiber supplements.

The mission of Carbiotix Therapeutics is to develop biocatalytic microbiome therapeutics for a range of leading metabolic and chronic diseases and to partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to bring high-efficacy therapies to market.


It is the belief of Carbiotix Therapeutics that activity within the gut microbiome is more important than the presence of specific bacteria species. As such, the company is focused on engineering biocatalytic modulators to restore and optimize gut microbiome metabolic processes and thereby obtain a desired therapeutic effect through an improved metabolic profile.

Understanding the functional characteristics in health and disease related to the activity of the human microbiome together with a strong team in molecular biology, ecology and biocatalysis puts Carbiotix among the front runners in the development of new microbiome-based therapeutics.


Carbiotix Therapeutics pipeline is the following:


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